Susan’s Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme Journey

Susan, from Derbyshire, has been attending the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme with Xyla Health & Wellbeing and has seen some amazing changes since starting her journey in January 2022. She has been happy to share with us some of her experiences and results.

What was life like before the programme? How did you hear about the programme and who referred you?

I found out I had Type 2 Diabetes through routine blood tests. It was a shock that I wasn’t expecting, but I didn’t change my diet or lifestyle, and continued putting on weight. My atrial flutter and asthma got worse, and I battled to walk short distances, for example, crossing a car park was a challenge.

During one of my follow-up appointments my practice nurse told me about the Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme, and I realised I needed help. I wanted to be able to walk without getting out of breath. I’m happy to say I was the first referral from my practice.

I had tried many other weight loss programmes in the past, but nothing seemed to work for me. This time I was determined, and I knew I would achieve my goals.

Could you please tell me about your experience on the programme so far?

The 12 weeks on soups and shakes was fantastic for me. I easily got into the routine and I didn’t feel hungry, even when I was cooking for my partner. His support during the programme helped me a lot. I started working at our allotment on most days, which kept me active, and I really enjoyed it. I also started walking on our treadmill and using our exercise bike.

The most challenging part of the programme was coming off the shakes because I had to start thinking about what to eat. However, with the support of my Diabetes Practitioner and the group, I’m happy to say that my food choices have changed for the better.

The programme was easier than I expected – I had a few headaches at the beginning but drank lots of water and black coffee. After 2 weeks, I felt better and for every pound I lost, I put a pound coin in a countdown plaque. This visual reminder was very motivating, and not only did I lose weight, I saved £35 as well.

How did the programme fit into your life?

Working on the allotment kept me very busy and I simply took my shakes with me. I kept track of my steps on my smart watch and each day I’d try to beat the steps taken the day before.

How has the programme improved your health and your life?

I lost 2.5 stone (16.8kg) and went from size 24 down to size 14: it feels great that I can buy nice clothes for myself. I feel so much better, the arthritis in my feet has improved, I sleep a lot better, and my asthma has improved. I’m very active now and I can get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren – I even bounce on the trampoline with them!

I’m off all the blood glucose lowering medication I used to take, and my blood glucose is in normal range, I’ve managed to achieve remission!

Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the programme?

Yes – I did! My main goal was to lose weight and to get fitter. I would definitely recommend this programme: get on it and stick to it. Be determined and you’ll reach your goals.

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