Workplace Health

Good employers know that a healthy and well-motivated workforce will have a positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of their business. Those who prioritise workplace health are less likely to suffer staff sickness and absence and can also reap the benefits of having a reputation as a ‘great place to work’.

Our comprehensive workplace health service focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of employees in conjunction with organisational change.

We conduct a full assessment of an organisation’s workplace health needs as it is important to understand the current level of engagement and highlight any gaps. Based on the assessment’s findings, we design, implement and evaluate a bespoke health and wellbeing programme for the organisation. Elements could include:

Health and wellbeing interventions

Our approach is designed to ensure that the specific interventions chosen are geared towards the needs of the organisation and its employees. We focus on areas such as leadership development, sickness and absence management, awareness of alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, mental health and stress, healthy eating and physical activity.

Public health campaigns

We support employers to plan and deliver public health campaigns within their organisation. This includes the selection of specific campaign/s that meet the organisations’ identified needs and the development of a campaign strategy including detailed communications and delivery plans.

Workplace health champions

Employees can volunteer to be Workplace Health Champions and provide support to their colleagues to improve their health.

All Workplace Health Champions will be provided with a support package which includes; ideas of workplace health challenges, resources, ways to engage colleagues, links to network of champions, informal meetings and is designed by our team of experts.

Workplace health checks

Our workplace health checks are tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your workforce. Trained health coaches carry out checks; employees can ‘drop in’ or be assigned an appointment time.

Our health check service is custom built to the requirements of the organisation and can include any of the following measures:

  • Alcohol intake
  • Blood pressure
  • Body fat
  • Carbon monoxide reading
  • Cardiovascular disease risk score
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes risk score
  • HbA1c / Fasting Plasma Glucose testing
  • Heart rate
  • Height / weight / waist / body mass index
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