Your new routine

Now that the country is on lock down there are a few tips to help you try and manage this new and challenging situation. Please remember that any feelings of stress that you may experience during this time are completely normal and pretty much everyone is sharing them (even if they aren’t saying it):

  • Try and stick to a routine as much as possible or create a new routine for yourself working around the new advice or new work expectations.
  • Think about your resources especially the people you might need to support you.
  • Think about what you may do in your routine. This might include taking up some new activities or things you haven’t had time to do previously.
  • If you are able, open your windows and get some fresh air. If you have a garden or an outside space use it!
  • Try some stress management techniques. Have a look at some mindfulness techniques or you could download one of the NHS recommended Apps (Headspace, Pzazz).
  • Don’t be frightened to ask for help – people are supporting each other in extra ordinary ways.

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