Gema’s Live Well Newham Journey

Gema has completed the Live Well Newham Programme and has been happy to share some of her experiences with us and the positive results she has seen since taking part.

What did you find most useful about your programme?

Physically going to the group itself was useful knowing that each week I was doing something positive for myself. The PowerPoints were useful and made it easier to follow what was being said. The leader of the group stood out for me; he was so knowledgeable. He was extremely positive, friendly, and understanding. He was realistic (not preachy!)

What changes did you make to your lifestyle as a result of attending the programme, e.g. exercise routine, dietary habits?

I am trying to eat meals more frequently and cut down on snacks. I am adding more veg and salads to my meals. I am going back to cooking from scratch to avoid processed foods, salts and sugars. I am trying to be less sedentary and move more and am also working on my mental health difficulties by trying to be healthier.

Have you accessed any local services (i.s. leisure centres, exercise on referral) due to this programme?

I am planning to start swimming at my local leisure centre and have also been cycling more.

What was your favourite part of the programme and why?

I enjoyed and found it useful having a chat at the beginning where the coach asked us how we were doing each week – getting that tiny bit of encouragement really helped. Because I am currently struggling with my mental health, the course really helped me think about my wellbeing and how I need to change some of my habits and lifestyle. The sessions on stress and breathing habits were really interesting.

What challenges did you face on the programme and how did you overcome them?

I found the programme hard in the sense that I did not lose as much weight as I has intended. The coach really supported me and helped me with my goals and was so open and understanding. He encouraged me to keep on trying and knowing that it can be hard (also I was recovering from covid and depression).

“It helped me so much to improve my lifestyle”

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. weight, waist measurement, clothes size, blood glucose, blood pressure etc.

As I have struggled with the weight part of the course, I have not seen much change in my weight or body shape however there are huge changes to my mental state – trying to do well and make improvements to my life. Even the fact that I have attended every group and participated is an important change. I like the fact that every session is a reminder and food for thought. I am thinking about change and trying to make small changes. The sessions have helped me to keep going and not to give up on myself and my life.

Would you or have you recommended the programme to others? Why?

It is definitely worth attending – every week is different and tackles a different aspect of our eating problems. It helped me so much to improve my lifestyle. There is so much support and back up materials, you don’t feel alone in your learning.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the programme?

It is a brilliant course, well thought out and presented. The mix of talking and listening in the discussion activities was good, well-balanced, and clear. The facilitator was amazing with such great energy.

To find out more about the Live Well Newham Programme, click here.

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