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Community guidelines

Registration to this forum and chatroom is free. Registration means that you accept Xyla Health & Wellbeing’s community rules and we reserve the right to edit posts and/or, take other action in accordance with the purpose and principles of the forum and chatroom. (this is known as moderation)

By registering to use forum and/or chatroom services, you are agreeing to be held responsible for the information you post on these services and you are confirming that you accept and understand the following community rules:

  • All posts and comments reflect the views of the author of that post. Xyla Health & Wellbeing will not be held responsible for the content of any member messages or information posted.
  • Please show consideration and respect for other users and for their opinions.
  • Be considerate to how your messages may be viewed and perceived by others.
  • Another user’s suggestion is not a substitute for a professional’s opinion. Before offering advice, make sure your information is accurate.
  • Xyla Health & Wellbeing staff will delete or edit posts that are deemed to be against the purpose of forum or chatroom (this is known as moderation)

Please DO NOT upload articles, images, video clips/films, or links to these, or post comments or messages which:

  • Are obscene, indecent;
  • Insulting or considered insulting or malicious to others;
  • Are disrespectful of other people’s views;
  • Do not reflect the purpose of the forum or chatroom;
  • Promote political lobbying;
  • Disclose the identity or contact details of yourself or any other person;
  • Seek to engage with other service users for the purpose of recruitment for any research, marketing, media coverage, or political activism.
  • All media/research enquiries should be directed to mywellbeingway.support@xylahealth.com
  • Advertise any websites, products, third parties, service providers, agencies or other services without prior permission from Xyla Health and Wellbeing (please email your request to mywellbeingway.support@xylahealth.com and it will be dealt with by the appropriate manager).

Sharing your contact details

We advise against placing your details in an open post, as these will be available to anyone (including those who are not forum members), and the contact you receive may not always be safe, appropriate or helpful. We may deem it appropriate to remove contacts details that are placed in open forum posts as we have a responsibility is to keep the forum as a safe space.

Zero tolerance policy

Xyla Health & Wellbeing operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to the abuse of other service users or staff. Personal or targeted insults, threats, obscene and aggressive comments directed at other service users or at staff will not be tolerated. Service users who actively engage in this way may be banned from Xyla Health & Wellbeing services. Please report any abusive posts or incidences of cyber-bullying to mywellbeingway.support@xylahealth.com

Account removal and banned accounts

Xyla Health & Wellbeing can deactivate an account if a service user wishes to leave the forum and chatrooms at their request. Posts will remain on the site unless a user specifically requests these to be. Forum users should consider the fact that forum posts are public and therefore not post identifiable details about themselves, their families and friends.

If you have any questions about removing posts, accounts or threads, please email mywellbeingway.support@xylahealth.com

User removal

Xyla Health & Wellbeing may ban banned, temporarily or permanently depending on the nature of the breach, service users who continually breach Xyla Health & Wellbeing’s community guidelines. We will retain information on banned users in order to stop them from registering again.