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Our free lifestyle change programme can support you to stop smoking for good

About Healthier Futures

Our free lifestyle change programme starting on 1st April is led by a team of experts. We use proven techniques and clinical research to help you make positive improvements to your lifestyle, such as quitting smoking and weight management.

Programmes that work for you

Our Quit Smoking, Adult Weight Management and Child Weight Management programmes are available both remotely and face-to-face. All of them are run by qualified health coaches that provide personal support throughout.

A new programme for East Riding

We’re pleased to introduce Healthier Futures as our new lifestyle change programme for East Riding.

As a leading provider of health and wellbeing programmes, we’ll help you achieve lasting results through our positive, personable approach, backed up by clinical expertise.

Already signed up?

If you’re already on an NHS Health Trainers programme in East Riding, don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything. From 1 April, we’ll move you onto one of our Healthier Futures programmes. We’ll contact you soon to explain all the details.

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