Join the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

As an NHS-approved provider of the Digital Weight Management Programme, we’ll help you make simple, sustainable changes that fit around your lifestyle.

Our free, 12-week weight loss programme supports you to manage

your health and transform your lifestyle, resulting

in a healthier you.

What is the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme?​

This free 12 week digital weight management programme has been designed to support you with managing your weight and taking control of your health. ​

We tailor the programme around you, using your current activity levels and dietary preference whilst also ensuring the programme suits your lifestyle. ​

We’ll guide you in setting realistic goals that support you to make life-long changes to your habits, diet and activity. Our proven approach provides guidance that is right for you and your overall health goals.​

This programme is available to adults living with obesity and either high blood pressure or diabetes, or both.​

To take part in the NHS Digital Weight Management programme, all you need to do is speak to your GP or pharmacy.​

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What to expect?

Our dedicated, in-house team of dietitians, psychologists and physical activity experts have crafted a proven programme, based on the latest scientific evidence and national health guidelines, to help you make the changes that will really work for you and to help you achieve a sustainable weight loss.​

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme is delivered through our bespoke Wellbeing Way App. Through the app you will have access to a wide range of resources and materials along with our in-built health tracker where you can set, monitor and achieve your goals. Our weekly interactive learning modules are also there to support you every step of the way on your journey to a Healthier You.​

You can find out more about the programme at:​

Taking control of your health

Our programme is designed to support you with managing your weight, there are also additional benefits of taking control of your health. ​

Did you know that losing 5% of your current bodyweight can:

  • Reduce your risk of developing diabetes and diabetes related complications​
  • Reduced your risk of risk of heart disease​
  • Lower your blood cholesterol levels​
  • Increase your mobility and activity levels​
  • Improve your body image​

​The programme focuses on achievable and sustainable weight loss, making a couple of simple changes can help you feel better both physically and mentally and these type of changes are more likely to be sustainable long term.

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Benefit from our exclusive partnership with Exi- your personalised exercise prescription

We have partnered with EXi to support you in achieving your activity goals. Developed by physiotherapists, EXi analyses your health status and activity habits to prescribe a personalised physical activity programme set at exactly the right intensity for you.

The app helps you to safely and gently increase your activity levels, at your own pace. Research show even the smallest amount of physical activity can make a huge difference to your health.

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How do you start the weight

management programme?

To start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you need to speak to your GP or a local pharmacist who can refer you to the programme. Your referral will be sent to a ‘referral hub’ where you will then choose a provider for your 12-week, digital weight management service.

Learn more about referrals here

Still not sure?

Taking those initial steps to change your lifestyle can be challenging but we are here to help you through every step of the way. Here’s what some of our service users have to say about us:

What people think…

“I’ve really enjoyed all of the modules and felt there was a good level of information. I particularly enjoyed the ‘habits’ and ‘it’s not just what’s on your plate’ modules. I found the health tracker really motivating and felt supported with my sessions”

“It’s great that the app is digital, it feels there is a stigma for men going to weight management classes, and this gives an anonymous option without the stigma”

“I have loved the programme. I’ve found it very motivating and have enjoyed the modules, the app and the calls with various coaches”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How was I referred to the programme?

There are several different referral routes into the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme; these are:

  • GP/Primary Care Referral
  • NHSE Staff Self-Referral
  • Pharmacy Referral
  • MSK specialist pathway
  • Elective care pathway

If you have any concerns regarding your referral, please email NHSE on

How long is the programme?

12 weeks.

Do I need to have a smartphone?


What level of digital skills do I need?

We’ve tried to keep our app as simple to use as possible. If you can use apps to book appointments, read information and input basic data, then you should be fine. Our helpful Application Support Team are on hand to get you started and we have a range of ‘how to guides’ if you get stuck.

What tech will I need to access the programme?

You’ll need a Smartphone or tablet that’s compatible with iOS 12.4 and above for Apple devices and 7 and above for Android devices. You’ll also need access to the Internet or sufficient mobile Wi-Fi/data allowance to view and download programme resources.

How often will I need to weigh myself?

You will be required to weigh yourself weekly and log that weight in your ‘Health Tracker’, this will help you to track your progress and achievements. If possible, try to weigh yourself at the same day and time each week.

* Logging your weight weekly is a requirement of all users on our programme, if you do not have access to scales at home, have a think about how you will weigh yourself. Could you borrow scales from a friend or family member? Alternatively, you can often weigh yourself at your GP surgery, local pharmacy, or leisure centre.

What happens if I’m going to be away/on holiday during the programme?

It is important from a safety perspective that we have an updated weight, even whilst on holiday you should update your weight on a weekly basis. There may be a pharmacy you can go to, you could ask at the hotel, or try at the gym. If you are travelling by car, then you could take the scales with you. Alternatively, if you are unable to access any scales for the duration of you holiday, then please update the App with your most recent weight reading and log this weekly until you return however once home please update your tracker with an accurate weight.

What do people who’ve successfully completed the programme say?

Emily Ingrams, Service Manager of the programme, shares some of the quotes user’s have shared with her:

‘The app helped me focus on a healthy way of living.’

‘I enjoyed the programme and feel quite sad that it has completed & I felt the calls were very helpful for encouragement and accountability.’

‘The app has great ways to stay on track and I love the recipes.’

‘My health care professional was amazing, I never felt judged I stayed the same weight and she was so supportive.’

‘The online modules were very helpful, also my conversation with my health coach helped me see things in a right perspective.’

‘The phones chat I had with my coach, always listened and was very professional and helped me stay motivated. When I was on my holidays, I struggled to stick to the programme, but my coach reminded me why I was doing it and gave me the boost I needed. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and feel more energetic. Just a great coach does wonders for someone like me.’

‘The coach call helped me look at weight loss as a more holistic program and a way of life. My weight dropped by 3 kgs from the start of the program. Follow the program and make it a way of life. I am very glad I participated in this programme.’

Why should I choose you as my provider of the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme?

Great question! We offer a simple approach that’s backed by our team of clinically trained dietitians and nutritionist professionals. Unlike some programmes you may have tried, there’s no calories counting, no points or magic lists of foods to eat. Instead, we support you to make informed food choices to match your tastes and preferences. It’s important to us that the programme caters to your budget and lifestyle, so you’ll find plenty of quick, affordable, simple, delicious and nutritious recipes to enjoy. Our weekly interactive learning modules are there to support you every step of the way on your journey to a Healthier You.

I want to start the programme but now isn’t a good time, what options are there?

You have 42 days from the day you are referred to select your NHS Digital Weight Management Programme provider and then a further 42 days to start your programme once you’ve chooses us.

Your 12-week programme clock starts ticking from the minute you complete your registration, and it cannot be paused or turned back, neither can you be re-referred, (unless in very exceptional circumstances). Therefore, it’s important that this is the right time for you before taking up the programme. If you need to skip a week or two of the programme, that’s fine, just remember to record your weight in the app and you can catch up on any modules during the remaining 12 weeks.

We understand that life is busy and full of other things and want to support you to get what you need from the programme.

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