You did it!

Congratulations, you have successully completed the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme.

“Congratulations on reaching the end of your 12 week NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Over the past 12 weeks, you’ve transformed your lifestyle and developed into a healthier you.

But remember, this is just the start…

We hope you’ve enjoyed the course and learnt some key tips and tricks to support you in continuing your journey to a healthier you.”

Jayne Davis, Digital Weight Management Delivery Manager

So what next?

Now that you’ve reached the end of the programme, it’s time to continue using your new knowledge and skills to keep up your healthy lifestyle.

And just because you have reached the end of your programme, it doesn’t mean our support stops there. You still have access to our Wellbeing Way app.

And to help you stay on track and working towards your healthy weight range, you can use this BMI calculator.

Please continue setting SMART weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals to keep you focused and motivated.

Lastly, we’d love to hear about what you have enjoyed about the programme. Please leave a review in the app store to reflect how far you have come!  

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