Live Well Newham

Lose weight on our free 12 -Week weight management programme delivered in Newham

Losing weight can help you to feel happier, more confident and can drastically improve your health.

With Live Well Newham you can:

  • Attend gender and language specific groups with like minded people who have similar goals
  • Get access to qualified, local Health & Wellbeing coaches who can support you through your journey
  • 3 months of discounted gym membership upon completing the programme

Our free 12-week weight management programme is delivered in local accessible venues across Newham:

We can support you to achieve long-term behaviour change with personalised support combining:

Eating Well:
how you eat

Moving More:
how you get active

Taking charge:
how you think, sleep and manage your mood

Our group sessions take place in community venues local to you and can be flexible to suit your schedule. We also have digital options available should face to face not be suitable. With Live Well Newham you will have the chance to be part of a team of people with similar weight-loss goals, sharing experiences and benefitting from the informal support that comes with group membership. 

We have a male only option: M-Fit

If you are interested in a men’s only weight loss challenge with a strong focus on fitness then M-Fit could be the choice for you. Find out more about M-Fit by clicking here.

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Here’s what some of our service users had to say about us:

“Usually talking about weight loss is stressful, but I didn’t feel that during this programme”

“The sessions were well planned and put across well.  We were told the month before what the next session would be about so we could prepare.”

“The coach was good fun, relaxed and made us all feel welcome.  She gave us all the chance to speak.  Thank you for opening my eyes”

You can also read one of our full service users stories here, to find out what can be possible when you join Live Well Newham.

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Phone: 0333 577 3011