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If you have had Type 2 diabetes for less than 12 years then speak to your GP about our new one-year programme that supports you to lead a healthier lifestyle, reduce diabetes medicines and even achieve diabetes remission. Referral to the programme is by GP only.

How does it work?

The unique one year programme combines regular group and one-to-one telephone contacts with online learning to support you in achieving your health goals. You will be fully supported by a team that includes GPs, practice nurses, health coaches, specialist dietitians and exercise specialists. Research shows that changing your diet and lifestyle can benefit the management of your Type 2 diabetes, therefore our programme includes education and coaching on nutrition, movement and health behaviour change. After your initial assessment, there are two options:

Total diet replacement

12 weeks of very low-calorie diet of shakes and soups, followed by 12 weeks of gently reintroducing food, and then 6-months maintaining a new healthy eating lifestyle. The cost of this is approximately £2 per day, and replaces all food, so may make shopping bills lower! This option is only available to those eligible.

The low carb choice

If your patient is ineligible for total diet replacement, your patient can choose the low carb option. This is 12 weeks of learning a new low carbohydrate diet followed by 12 weeks of incorporating learnings into every day life and is completed with a 6-month maintenance phase. This option is available to anyone who is eligible for the programme.


  • Three-staged programme focused on helping you achieve your health goals that may help put your diabetes into remission
  • Support from your health coach throughout the programme
  • Online programme resources which you can access 24/7 to suit your lifestyle, including local signposting
  • Free group sessions, coaching support and resources throughout the year

How to join

This unique programme is being exclusively offered to patients in North West London. Arrange to talk to your doctor to sign up for the programme.

Frequently asked questions

Is this programme right for me?

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, are motivated to reduce your medication or achieve remission and can commit to a yearlong programme of online, face to face and telephone support… then yes!

Am I eligible to join?

To be eligible for the programme, you must be aged 18 years and over, have had Type 2 diabetes for less than 12 years, and be on one of the following medications: DPP4s: Sitagliptin (also known as Januvia or Janumet), Linagliptin (also known as Trajenta or Jentadueto), SGLT2s: Dapagliflozin (also known as Forxiga or Xigduo), Canagliflozin (also known as Invokana or Invokamet), GLP-1s: Liraglutide (also known as Victoza), Dulaglutide (also known as Trulicity). Please note: These are not exhaustive and may have other types/names please speak to your healthcare professional for further advice. You are not eligible if you are planning a pregnancy, pregnant or using insulin. If you want to take part in the total diet replacement option, talk to your doctor to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

Are there any additional procedures involved that I should be aware of?

As part of the programme you will have your blood tested regularly to track your progress. This will happen at your GP practice at the beginning before you start, followed by 3, 6, and 12-month tests.

What is the cost involved?

There is no fee to join, however there is cost linked with the ‘total diet replacement’ option. This is approximately £2 per day, and replaces all your food, so may make your shopping bill lower!

I am pre-diabetic, can I join the programme?
This programme is for people who currently have Type 2 diabetes, however you can join our NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme if you are currently pre-diabetic. Please talk to your GP or go to for more information.

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