Diabetes REWIND Programme

One in ten people over 40 in the UK are now living with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. It is a very common condition. However, it is possible to put your diabetes into remission with the right support.

Our Diabetes REWIND Programme (Reducing Weight with Intensive Dietary Support) supports you to lead a healthier lifestyle, reduce diabetes medicines and even achieve diabetes remission. The programme gives you advice on healthy eating, lifestyle changes and physical activity to help you achieve your goals.

Join one of our patient information sessions

The last day we can accept REWIND referrals is 6th June 2023 therefore we will no longer be holding Patient Information Sessions for the REWIND programme.

In the meantime other lifestyle programmes are still available across North West London, details here.

Additionally, Know Diabetes account holders are able to complete an e-learning module on remission here.

Find out more below or by calling us on 0333 577 3561.