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Upcoming Low Calorie Diet Online Groups

You have been referred to the Low-Calorie Diet programme

by your GP. 

The new one-year programme to support a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and remission of Type 2 diabetes. 

What is it?

  • A unique programme combining specialist nutrition, psychology and physical activity 
  • Supports rapid weight loss and long-term behaviour change 
  • Support throughout from your Health & Wellbeing diabetes practitioner via regular contact, with online learning and supporting resources 
  • Supported by GPs, practice nurses, diabetes practitioners, dietitians, clinical psychologists and exercise specialists 

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We will work together over 12 months, and the support you will receive during this time will include: 

Initial phone assessment

The initial phone assessment will be with one of our Diabetes Practitioners and a suitable date for this appointment can be agreed when we contact you to confirm your group choice.

Remote group sessions

This programme will support you on your weight loss journey, give you the opportunity to partake in group discussions and ask your practitioner questions all from the comfort of your home.

These group sessions are being delivered remotely for the via Microsoft Teams.

Interactive online sessions hosted via Microsoft Teams

How can I book my sessions?

You can find the group ID for the session in the first column of the table.

View upcoming sessions in the table below, including details about start date and time.

Once you’ve found a suitable group in the table, use the form underneath to request to join. We will then contact you to confirm the booking shortly afterwards.

Please note: Spaces for each session are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend requesting your place in the group as soon as possible.

Upcoming group session dates

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Request to book a session

Request to book a session

You can find the group ID for the session in the first column of the table.