Tips for staying on track with weight loss during the holidays

How do we stay on track when we want to make the most of our holiday opportunities and celebrate with friends and family? Whether it’s a birthday, holiday abroad, Christmas, Diwali, Eid or a work party; it can be tricky. Many people can relate to at least one of these scenarios, so we’re going to take you through seven steps for celebration success:

  1. Think vegetables first! Aim for half of what is on your plate to be vegetables. If eating outside of the home, order a side of vegetables or a salad with your main course.
  2. Be mindful of hidden calories! Consider asking for sauces on the side when eating out. Is there an option for boiled new potatoes instead of potatoes cooked in fat? Many menus are available online, so if you have internet access, it can help to research your options in advance, or ask the waiter at the table.
  3. Keep healthy snacks to hand! Try having those festive satsuma boxes on display or a small dish of nuts. To avoid repeatedly choosing an indulgent snack try keeping them up in a high cupboard – out of sight, out of mind!
  4. Plan your drinks! Calories easily go unnoticed in drinks. By thinking about what you will drink in advance, you can plan for lower calorie options and focus on staying hydrated, making sure you still aim to drink around 2 litres of water every day.
  5. Plan in some moderate intensity activity! What activities will you do during this time? Are there some new walking routes with beautiful views that you could take advantage of? Allocate and plan time to help you reach your steps goal each day through your busy birthday week, or festive weeks too.
  6. Be mindful of seconds! Whether it’s another slice of birthday cake, or that ever tempting second course at an all-inclusive buffet, try waiting it out for half an hour after you have finished eating and have a glass of water. If you can, move from the table and clean up, rather than focusing on what else you can eat.
  7. Protein portions! By having a palm sized portion of lean protein two to three times a day, you will feel fuller for longer, and maybe curb some of those between meal cravings for indulgent goodies.

We hope you will find some of these tips helpful, to support you to stay on track during the holidays. Remember to focus on the positives and be proud of each one you manage to tick off this list through your holiday period.

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    By Samuel Williams on 19 December 2022
    All the above are very helpful to stay on track especially during this time. I would like to know more about nuts like Almond and pea nuts and portion per day.
    By Nazneen Haque on 19 December 2022
    By on 19 December 2022
    Thank you for these helpful reminders and tips, just in time. I lost a few pounds during the intermittent fasting trial, it would be great to build on that weight loss and not put it all back on over Christmas!
    By Charlotte Sephton on 19 December 2022
    Thank you for this I found it most helpful. It is so easy to indulge when the food is being offered. Or in front of you to help yourself. I think I can come back to what you have shown even if only in my head.
    By COLIN D SOUZA on 19 December 2022
    Very helpful tip for festive season, Carb control.