Tim’s NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme Journey

Tim, from Surrey Heath, has completed his journey on the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme after starting in October 2020. He has seen some fantastic results since starting the programme and has been happy to share some of his outcomes and experiences.

Life before the programme

I work shifts so that means I work long hours, often twelve-hour days, and night shifts. Before starting my journey, my sleep was poor, and I was on Metformin to control my diabetes. Previously, I had tried various low-calorie diets but none of them really worked for me.

How did you hear about the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme?

During the first lockdown, I couldn’t attend my usual diabetes appointment. When I finally went, I saw a new nurse who suggested the pilot programme to me and I thought, ‘Yes, let’s give it a go’ and she referred me.

What was your experience of the programme?

I felt massively supported throughout the programme. My diabetes practitioner was outstanding and very instrumental in helping me. He was very good at supporting me at the start when it was tough. He really helped put and keep me on the right path. He gave me the tools to improve my lifestyle. The total diet replacement (TDR) phase was the most challenging but seeing the significant weight loss really spurred me on.

How has the programme improved your health and life?

I am sleeping a lot better, I am less stressed out, I am more positive. I am off all my diabetes medications. I have lost about 20% of my body weight and my HbA1c was 40 at my last diabetes review. Luckily for me, I liked vegetables before the programme, but I certainly enjoy them even more now!

Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the programme?

Yes! I went along with it and followed the advice. I was realistic with my goals. I knew it was a relatively short time to make some big choices and changes. The programme really does work, but you’ve got to be prepared.

Is there any advice you would give someone who is about to start?

Before you start, give yourself some time so that you are prepared for the changes you are going to make. Then, plan and plan a lot. Think about your meals in advance and plan for everything. I learnt to batch cook food for the freezer, so I always had meals prepared. I would also say, don’t be too hard on yourself and make the adjustments that you can. Have a treat when you want to and enjoy going out when you do.

Are there any final thoughts that you would like to share?

It has been an extremely positive experience and I wouldn’t have achieved this much without the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme . Many thanks again for all the help I received during the course of the programme.

If you would like to find out more about the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme and how to join click here.

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