Tiernan’s Digital Weight Management Journey

Tiernan has been attending the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme with Xyla Health & Wellbeing and has seen some amazing changes since starting their journey. They have been happy to share with us some of their experiences and results.

What have you found useful about the Wellbeing Way App?

It has been very useful having a constant monitoring system for weight and waist measurement. Also, I picked up ideas for new ways to tackle being overweight.

What do you find useful about your coaching calls with your Registered Healthcare Professional? Have you felt supported throughout the process?

Very supportive. Sarah was so friendly and easy to chat to and very helpful in talking through any issues I had. It definitely makes it easier doing a programme like this when you have someone helping with an encouraging approach.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle, e.g. exercise routine, dietary, habits…?

I was already undertaking an exercise plan and changing my eating habits, so Xyla helped by giving additional tips. One I found very useful was understanding how important it is to move in the first 15 minutes after you’ve eaten. That has made a noticeable change to my T1 diabetic blood sugars after a meal.

What is your favourite part of the programme, why?

I’ve actually enjoyed having to input all my data every day/week. It has showed me that I’m making more progress than I thought I was, and that’s really helped me do more to make it work.

What challenges did you face with the programme, and how did you overcome them?

Found it tricky to adhere to all the recommendations over the Christmas period, but I just decided to be easier on myself during that time and I that actually made it easier to get back into routine once the holidays were over.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. HBa1c, waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc…

I have put on weight which I was very disappointed by, but my waist measurement has actually decreased, and I’ve been able to fit into more of my clothes again. I’ve put the weight gain down to the increase in strength exercises that I’ve been doing.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why?

I will do. I think it just gives you such a good overall look at how and why it’s important to change certain behaviours in order to get healthier. It’s very clear and easy to use too.

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining the programme?

There’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try. I was sceptical, especially as I already use a number of apps and wasn’t sure how this would add to what I’m already doing. But it has, and it wasn’t a burden at all. The 12 weeks have really flown by.

Are there any other comments you wish to make about your experience?

I do wish it linked up with more apps. I use MyFitnessPal and Garmin (with my Garmin watch) and it didn’t link up with either of them, or my Libre app which would’ve been very helpful for logging blood sugar results. I also feel it was very aimed at T2 diabetics and would have liked more focus on T1 diabetes, which I have.

Find out more about the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme here.

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