Meet the team: Tara Abi-Chahine

I’m Tara, a Dietitian who has been working for Xyla Health & Wellbeing for over a year and have been leading on the Diabetes Remission Pilot. Working on the pilot has been very rewarding and inspiring. Diabetes used to always be considered a progressive condition that would get worse with time. However, new evidence suggests that a weight loss of 10-15kg can normalise blood sugar levels, allowing patients to either significantly reduce or completely stop their diabetic medication.

The pilot programme is a 12-month programme consisting of three stages. The first stage is the Total Diet Replacement (TDR) stage, where all food is replaced with TDR products (shakes/soups). This would amount to 800 kcal per day and supply all the nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy while losing weight. The second stage of the programme is food-reintroduction which involves gradually replacing all TDR products with healthy balanced meals. The final stage of the programme is the maintenance phase. During this stage patients are provided with nutrition, psychology and exercise guidance to support them in maintaining their weight loss in the long-term.

I have been working closely with some incredible patients for a year now, and together we have been able to achieve outstanding results. So far, our patients have lost an average of 13.5 kg in three months and maintained 90% of their weight loss 12 months later. 81% of our patients have completely stopped taking their diabetic medication and 13% have reduced their dosage. This just comes to show the powerful impact of lifestyle change on diabetes.

Our NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme is based on an evidence based holistic approach combining nutrition, psychology and exercise. Our programme is developed by experts in these areas. It has been an honour for me to be a part of this journey, and I can’t wait to keep seeing amazing results for our service user.

For more information about our new NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme, click here.

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