Latest from Xyla – NIHR Report

Obesity is a major health crisis in the UK and more than a quarter of adults are living with the condition. 

The NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) reviewed and identified key actions local authorities could take to help prevent or manage obesity. This research identified 143 NIHR funded studies on obesity and an array of interventions, settings and study types were considered.  

The review identified 9 areas Local Authorities need to address and also provided advice on how to take action on each of these areas:  

  • Influencing what people buy and eat 
  • Encouraging healthy schools 
  • Expanding access to public sports and leisure services 
  • Promoting active workplaces 
  • Providing weight-management programmes 
  • Designing built and natural environments 
  • Enabling active travel and public transport 
  • Preventing obesity in children and families 
  • Embracing system-wide approaches 

Here at Xyla Health and Wellbeing, we work in partnership with local authorities to help people manage their weight through evidence-based, easy-to-understand educational programmes. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our weight management services: 

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