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As part of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) we recently conducted an Easy Read pilot study. Our aim was to discover if service users with a Learning Disability or Serious Mental illness would need additional support from the programme, especially as a result of the pandemic and NDPP having been delivered remotely for a period of time.  

722 service users were included in the pilot. A sample of service users whose referral form detailed an additional need were selected, and the pilot took place over six months from September 2021 –May 2022.  

The study’s outcome concluded that the results achieved at the end of Face to Face vs. Remote session do not differ, with results still comparable to our mainstream program. 75% of service users completed the programme, with an average weight loss of -4.75kg.  

We received positive feedback on the resources created for the pilot, which included Easy Read documentation and guides for Health Coaches to help them support service users with additional needs. We also produced a comprehensive accessibility training video which is now available across our delivery team. All of these resources can easily be adapted to work alongside our other health and wellbeing programmes.  

Service User Feedback 

“Very understanding. I was always given time and heard.”   

“They understood what I was trying to communicate and gave me the information I needed in a pleasant manner 

“Relaxed, informative, interactive, interesting – really makes you think, even if you think your way is the right way!”  

 “The programme is very helpful in what it does. Support and information in an encouraging safe environment aids learning.” 

We have also recently been commissioned to deliver a Learning Disability pilot for our Diabetes REWIND Programme (Reducing Weight with Intensive Dietary Support), which supports people to lead a healthier lifestyle, reduce diabetes medication and even achieve diabetes remission. The 12week programme launched in October and we looking forward to sharing outcomes with you in the new year.  

If you are interested in finding out more about programmes tailored to specific cohorts, please contact our Business Development team: 

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