Latest from Xyla – Cultural Diversity

Rebecca Holmes, our Service Improvement Manager, explains our approach to ensure all of our programmes can be adapted to meet service users’ cultures and lifestyles.    

“We have undertaken a lot of work to make sure our content is diverse and that our service users see a mix of cultures and demographics reflected, not only in our session content, but in the additional resources that we provide. For each regional programme we can translate key resources into different languages and we have also translated a selection of our videos. 

Throughout our programmes, different cuisines are featured across our recipes and meal plans. We also produce religious holiday guides for a range of faiths and tips for staying healthy during these periods.  

One thing we’re really excited about is the use of culturally specific portion plates so that service users don’t have to try and interpret a western portion plate. The tailored plates support service users to adapt their diet in line with foods common to their culture, which in turn supports with adherence and learning.  

Our service users are from a broad range of backgrounds and it’s important that we address this and make sure everyone feels heard and included within the session.​”


We have also recently produced a digital recipe book. Created by our delivery team, this book includes a wide range of recipes to suit a variety of cooking styles, tastes and cultures. The book is offered free to all completers as a thank you for completing the course and to support them in continuing their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

If you are interested in finding out more about programmes, please contact our Business Development team:

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