Israt’s Live Well Newham Journey

Israt has completed the Live Well Newham service and has been happy to share some of her experiences with us and the positive results she has seen since taking part.

What did you find most useful about the programme?

The eating guidance on smaller portions and what type of food to avoid, which I did not know before, was very helpful. I also found the coaching about sleep and learning the importance of staying active very useful to follow a healthy lifestyle. This has helped me to understand more about stress and all the information in the programme was useful to improve my lifestyle.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle as a result of attending the programme, e.g. exercise routine, dietary habits?

I’ve changed my dietary habits, my sleep has improved and I’ve increased my activity. I am more aware and conscious of what food is healthy and feel informed to make better choices; I feel mentally positive and more motivated. This has improved my confidence in choosing the right food type. This programme has been one of the best experiences for me to learn to change my lifestyle by making small changes, and to lose as well as maintain my weight for long term.

Have you accessed any local services (i.e. leisure centres, exercise on referral) due to this programme?

Not yet, due to caring for young child I am not able to find the time at the moment. In the future I will try to join a walking group.

What was your favourite part of the programme and why?

Having a friendly, caring, and knowledgeable coach made a big difference in my experience as I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the programme. I especially enjoyed the cultural aspects of lifestyle and food which were focused on to help us to overcome lifestyle challenges. However, being in a group with other people, listening to their experiences and health issues which I could relate to, made me feel better. Even though it was online, the environment was very friendly, and I felt very comfortable being able to join sessions from home. The delivery of the sessions was easy to understand in Bengali language and extremely enjoyable. I was surprised how well the information was delivered. All of the information was very useful and not one bit was boring. The coach presentations were very professional and engaging which made them interesting and educational.

What challenges did you face on the programme and how did you overcome them?

Doing formal exercise was challenging because of time after looking after my young daughter and housework. I have tried walking and stretching exercises at home more, and also walk more in the garden now.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. weight, waist measurement, clothes size, blood glucose, blood pressure etc.

I managed 8-9 kg weight loss –I’m trying to reverse fatty liver. I lost waist circumference and my clothes size has gone down one size – my old clothes are loose now.

Would you or have you recommended the programme to others? Why?

Yes! All the information about healthy lifestyle changes is useful and it really works – it’s not boring but very engaging, enjoyable and interesting. The coach is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable like in a family environment with others who share their experiences. SUs (Service Users) can ask questions which are always welcomed and answered properly. All health advise was useful and if anybody had any challenges or obstacles the coach would ask and give guidance.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the programme?

I would say that this programme is extremely enjoyable and educational because of the friendly and fun approach which can make you feel happy and laugh with the group. I looked forward to the sessions each week. Once the programme was finished, I felt sad and missed it so much that I wished it was longer than 3 months. Other people in the group also felt the same and now we are planning to keep in touch even after the programme to support and motivate each other. It has been an amazing experience and I have learnt so much about healthy lifestyle. I feel it will benefit anyone who joins the programme.

Are there any other comments you wish to make about your experience?

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session and feel happy that all the information will stay with me for long term to help me lead a healthier lifestyle. Now I understand more about all the food groups and energy balance which is key to losing weight alongside the importance of reducing stress and improving sleep.

To find out more about the Live Well Newham weight management programme, click here.

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