Derek’s NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme Journey

Derek Schofield from Stockport, Greater Manchester, was referred by his GP practice following a conversation around the benefits of the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme for people who live with type 2 diabetes. Since he started the programme he has seen some amazing results and would like to share his journey.

Life before the programme 

My lifestyle before the programme was busy with my work and social life, the impact of taking medication for type 2 diabetes was that I was relying on the medication to maintain my blood glucose levels, which led to regular side effects and limited some of my activity.

Introduction to the programme 

I received a call from my local doctor’s surgery, from the nurse who regularly monitors my HBA1C and progress. The nurse referred me into the programme, and I agreed as I wanted to commit to achieving a target of no medication. I have found the programme has helped me to perform better at both of my hobbies; golf, and football. I have also enjoyed being more active around the house with DIY activities.

Your journey 

The first two weeks of the programme were difficult, coping with hunger and headaches, but you soon get used to it and there is plenty of support throughout the programme. The hardest stage of the programme were the first two weeks, the easiest stage was the last stages of the Total Diet Replacement as you are motivated by the visible results. For me the best aspect of the programme are the learning modules and group sessions where information is shared. You pick up on interesting facts that you were not aware of, especially the different food types and their effect on your body and health.

How did the programme fit into your life?

Although social situations were limited due to COVID lockdown; with other family members in the household not on the programme, it was difficult when they were eating. I found it easier to go out of the room when others were eating and find an activity to do to take my mind off it. I also ensured family members were aware of the programme and they understood what I was trying to achieve, and they supported me.

How has the programme improved you health and your life?

Since starting the programme I have lost 12 kg (over two stone) I feel healthier and more active. I have stopped my medication now and my last HBA1C check was 46 and this is expected to be lower once my second check is performed. Family and friends have noticed my weight loss and compliment me on what I have achieved, and yes, my dog also lost weight due to increased walking and lack of food scraps from my habit of sharing! I have also started to use my bicycle and go on long rides that I wouldn’t have been motivated to do before.

Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the programme?

I have exceeded my goals for weight loss and achieved my primary goal of not requiring medication. I will continue to follow the programme when I finish, particularly in monitoring my weight and blood glucose levels regularly and maintaining an active lifestyle. I would certainly recommend the programme to others and my advice would be to stick with it, the benefits are too good to be ignored.

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