Cally’s story to beat Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes represents 90% of all diabetes in patients and it’s largely caused by lifestyle factors which can be modified. Our programmes focus on helping people to reduce their weight, increase their physical activity levels and improve their diet, empowering them to take charge of their health and wellbeing and learn how to prevent diabetes.

Our Diabetes Prevention programme in Grimsby, Lincolnshire started in September 2016 with a focus to help local residents who had been referred as ‘at risk’ of developing Type 2 diabetes. The programme has been hugely successful; one of the members, Cally shares her story.

What was the best part of the Diabetes Prevention Programme for you?

The initial assessment was an important part of the programme, it was quite a powerful message outlining the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes and emphasised the value of attending the programme to improve our lives.

How did you find the support groups?

The group sessions delivered by Rich (Health & Wellbeing Coach) were really informative and engaging. The information given was based on scientific evidence but was delivered in a great coaching style which was friendly and positive, which made it easy to understand how to follow. Within the group Rich was very good at recognising the improvements we could make and responding to the different requirements individuals would need, as well as the group. I learnt best from going out and taking action after the sessions, and enjoyed seeing the results.

What was the hardest part of the programme for you?

The hardest part for me was undoing lifelong habits. I had grown up with certain guidance and I had to undo this and start from scratch, readjusting my belief system.

How has the programme changed your life?

NHS England have done the right thing by getting Health & Wellbeing on board to deliver this programme. I have cut out all hidden sugars and stopped eating food in packaging and carbohydrates like bread, potatoes and pasta. I have also given up chocolate; the share price in Cadburys has dropped that’s for sure! I am also more active, and happy to take the dog for a walk more often. Rich encouraged us to take little steps such as cut out sugar from tea, but I was happy to take big steps and deal with it like a project, I didn’t realise that diabetes was going to be like a project!  It has been a life changing experience.

Will you continue to follow the programme now you have finished?

I have attended all the core sessions of the programme which include five sessions of Healthy Nutrition and five sessions of Physical Activity. Next step is to attend the three month one to one reviews. Success is to be able to maintain this change for the next five years and say I am still healthy. My goal is for my 50th Birthday is to be able to get on a horse.

Would you recommend the programme to others?  

In addition to being involved in the forum for Diabetes UK, I have influenced my Mum and husband to make changes. We are already in trouble in this country, if we don’t do something we will all be less healthy. I am committed to making the changes in the long-term, I don’t want to go back to the way that I was.

Cally’s story

Cally has successfully lost 21 kilos which is equivalent to 50 cans of baked beans! She has now used up the entire supply cauliflower and courgettes in the Lincolnshire area. At no point during the programme has she felt hungry. Her waist circumference has dropped from 44 inches to 35 inches, and she is sure that her blood sugar has dropped and is looking forward to her next test.

If you feel you could be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and feel you would benefit from our Health & Wellbeing programme contact the team today to help you find a centre near you. It is never too late to make a change.

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