Alex’s REWIND journey

Alex is currently taking part in REWIND, our diabetes remission service running in North West London. Alex has been happy to share some of his experiences with us and the positive results he has seen since taking part.

What did you find useful about the group sessions? What stood out for you?

The support and content that was available, with input from others in my group. It was great to have others that were going through similar situations, and to discuss how we could resolve the issues we came across.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle e.g. exercise routine, dietary, habits…?

I changed my diet, and started to exercise regularly to maintain a healthier weight. I vary the exercises I do in order to keep motivated, and not let it become repetitive.

What was your favourite part of the programme, why?

The results I achieved had a very big impact on my confidence, and it also felt great to look and feel better. Reducing my medication was a real eye opener. But more importantly, having the support from my health coaches, and the group sessions.

What challenges did you face with the programme, and how did you overcome them?

When feeling hungry, I would try and keep busy rather than sitting and watching TV. I started reading books, doing crosswords and puzzles to keep my mind occupied.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. HbA1c, waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc..

My HbA1c dropped into the pre – diabetic range, I went down to a very healthy weight, and bought new clothes. I’ve gone down almost 2 sizes in my waist.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others? Why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend! Living a healthier lifestyle, means less medication, living longer to see your family grow up, and being happier in yourself.

What would you say to those who were thinking about the joining the programme?

Do not hesitate, go for it and reap the benefits.

Are there any other comments you wish to make about your experience?

10 months into the course, and I still feel very positive about my health and future. I can’t thank the programme enough.

Want to know more about our REWIND programme? Find more info here.

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