Abdur’s Live Well Newham journey

Abdur has completed the Live Well Newham weight management service with Xyla Health & Wellbeing. He has been happy to share some of the positive experiences he has had on the programme and his advice for anyone considering joining.

What did you find useful about the group sessions and what stood out for you in your sessions?

The group sessions were very useful, we were able to mix and interact with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The Health & Wellbeing Coach provided a platform where people were able to explain what they were currently going through and share their current experiences. It was a real eye-opener. The sessions were very interactive, and the group was engaging. As a group we shared food together during the last session at Forest Gate Library!

The fat and sugar content stood out for me most during the group sessions. Gaining knowledge about the food groups, calories and Alcohol was very interesting. Also, understanding food labelling was very insightful.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle, e.g. dietary, exercise routine, habits…?

I am not consuming snacks/drinks late in the evening and I am monitoring the foods that I am consuming. My health coach recommended that I should consume a healthy breakfast that is easy to prepare in the morning.

Also, my Coach supported me to increase my walking and I now take the bus or train to a location (e.g., supermarket) and then I walk home.

Have you accessed any local services (i.e. leisure centres, exercise on referral) due to this programme?

Yes, I go swimming regularly with my friends at Atherton Leisure Centre (ActiveNewham). I am now taking advantage of the services that are available within my local community.

What was your favourite part of the programme and why?

The structure of the service was the best part for me. The sessions were a nice mix and combined nutrition, physical activity, and psychology. 12-weeks provided us with an opportunity to build relationships with each other, and the coach was very helpful and supported me and the group to achieve our healthy lifestyle goals.

What changes have you seen in any measurements that have been taken? E.g. waist measurement, weight, clothes size etc…

I have lost a few pounds since I started the programme. I have been able to maintain this which I am very pleased about this.

Would you, or have you, recommended the programme to others and why?

Yes! The programme is free and helps local people to live a healthier lifestyle. You receive free information about recipes, food menus, food plates and online cooking demonstrations!

What would you say to those who are thinking about joining the programme?

You are not going to lose anything from joining the programme, you have so much to gain! The presentations will provide you with knowledge and guidance to make changes to your lifestyle (e.g., consuming foods in moderation). The service will help you to feel better and live longer.

It is important to make the right decisions for your long-term health. This service can improve your mood and help you to increase your physical activity. Live Well Newham can help you change your shopping habits and reduce your finances by encouraging you to walk more. Lastly, the programme is enjoyable and will help you improve your health.

If you would like to find out more about joining Live Well Newham click here.

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