Abbie’s Wellbeing Journey

Abbie from Mid Sussex started on the Mid Sussex Coaching Wellbeing Service in March 2023 and she is happy to share her story about how she found the programme.

What did you enjoy about the programme?

I enjoyed learning how to take control of own lifestyle rather than relying on the usual diet plans and weight loss programmes. These have never worked for very long for me.

What changes did you make to your lifestyle?

The main change I have made is around my mindset. Thinking about the hunger ‘vs’ emotional eating and how to use mindful eating. This allows me to then enjoy all foods in moderation.

“I enjoyed learning how to take control of own lifestyle”

What challenges did you face with the programme, and how did you overcome them?

In the past I have felt defeated when I haven’t experienced significant weight loss. Now I have accepted from the programme that the best way to lose weight is slowly, for long term improvements to health. Since being on the programme I have seen weight loss.

Do you have any advice for those starting the programme?

My advice is to persevere, even though the tougher weeks. I have also recommended this programme to friends & family!

To find out more about the Mid Sussex Wellbeing Programme, click here.

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