7 Ways to include the whole family in keeping active

Trying to find the time to fit physical activity into our schedule can be a challenge for all of us. A common reason for lower than desired activity levels is childcare commitments, which demands a lot of parents’ free time. However, it is possible to combine both physical activity and childcare with fun activities that can be as a whole family. These will not only benefit your health, but also your children’s! Here are 7 options to consider when finding ways to keep the family active:

Move to the music

Music can be a great way to get the family moving! You could play fun tracks while doing an otherwise tedious task, such as cleaning the house. The whole family can take turns choosing favourite songs to mix up the playlist. Aside from cleaning, just playing some music and dancing to the beat is a great way to get the whole family moving!

Find a regular activity

Another recommended method of getting everyone to be active together is to set time aside for some physical activity as a group. This could be a walk in the park each weekend, active games in the garden a few evenings each week, or even playing a sport together. Don’t be afraid to try different activities, there’s bound to be one that’s fun for the whole family!

Active games around the home

Traditional games and activities away from technology are also a fantastic opportunity to get the whole family moving. Depending on preference, it might be a competitive or non-competitive game that provides the most enjoyment. Examples include hide and seek around the home, kicking a ball around the garden or hopscotch.

Learn something new from your children

Sometimes, you don’t have to come up with the idea of an activity yourself! Your children are likely to have picked up favourite games from places such as school, see if they can show you a new way to keep active!

Create a fun family workout

You can adapt a regular workout to be something that the whole family can enjoy together. Using cards, you could choose exercises, such as skipping and hopping randomly to vary the routine, or even take turns being the exercise “coach”, telling the others how to do the movement.

Walk or cycle when you can

If you need to make a short journey, perhaps to the shops or to visit a family member, take the opportunity to add some extra movement to the day rather than taking the car or public transport. If there is something exciting or fun at the end, the brief period of walking should fly by without an issue!

Plan an active family outing

For something a little larger scale, plan a fun outing as a family. There are many options that are inexpensive or even free, such as a trip to the seaside and spotting animals in a local nature reserve. Amusement parks and fun fairs are also excellent options with plenty of opportunities for walking.

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