5 tips for managing family life while on a diet

Following a healthy diet when the rest of the household isn’t can be very challenging. Below we have some tips to help you along the way.

1. Talk about why a healthy diet is important

Talk to the people you live with about the diet you are following and why it is important to you – this will make them aware of why they need to support and encourage you throughout the process.

2. Schedule in time aside from mealtimes

Try to schedule time during the week with your family/friends aside from mealtimes together. This will allow you to spend time together without food being the focus.

3. Do what works for you

If you are used to having meals together, for some people it may help to still sit with family/friends at mealtimes to maintain a sense of normality and routine. For others it may help to have meals at a different time and then do something distracting such as going for a walk whilst the rest of the household is eating.

4. Batch cook your meals

If you eat similar food daily, then try batch cooking and freezing it until you need it. This will give you more free time and it’s much easier to eat a healthy meal when it’s already prepared for you. Frozen bolognese can make a multitude of meals like spaghetti bolognese, Shepherd’s pie or pair it with a jacket potato. If you normally do the cooking, ask other members of the household if they are able to support you by taking on some of the cooking responsibilities.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for support

Ask other members of the household if they would be interested in supporting you at mealtimes by eating healthily too. This will help them to understand more about a healthy diet and provide you with support.

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    By Beryl Happold on 28 October 2019
    Brilliant information just at the right time I was beginning to become a bit lax
    By Janet Notice on 28 October 2019
    I find batch cooking useful and you can plan healthier meals in advance. In addition, focusing on personal meals for myself first helps to reduce the temptation when preparing the main meal for others.
    By Gloria Onaiwu on 28 October 2019
    This has been most helpful