Newham frequently asked questions

Will I lose weight on this programme?

The Live Well Newham Adult Weight Management programme has been designed by a team of Dietitians, clinical and health Psychologists and experts in exercise, to facilitate a 5% total weight loss. The advice you receive is evidenced based and in line with current NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines for weight management. Changes to your weight will require behaviour change. The programme is designed to support and empower you to take meaningful steps to achieve a healthier weight but ultimately you will be your own driver to success. 

What actions do I need to take each week?

If you are enrolled on to a Microsoft Teams or Fuze group, weigh yourself once a week and update your Health & Well-being coach with the latest reading during your weekly pre-session calls with them.

Work on your goals and update them in your Personalised Action Plan or the Wellbeing Way App. Use these to also track your weight and step count amongst other measurements.

Chat in the community forum in the Wellbeing App and make use of the bank of guides, top tips, blogs and recipes available in your Resources.

What will I be eating?

During your programme you will learn about portion guidance and how to improve the overall balance and quality of the food you eat. Use this knowledge to make choices that will help you achieve your goals. No food is off the table completely and there is no single superfood which you must eat. Take what you learn in your sessions and apply that to the foods you enjoy; you can still enjoy your food whilst making meaningful steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 

What happens if I miss sessions?

If you miss any session, then you reduce your chances of long-term success. These sessions are vital in helping to build healthy habits and learn new skills. If you do miss a session then we will try and offer you another session, but if you are in a group this may not always be possible. 

What should I do once the 12 weeks are over?

Congratulate yourself for completing a massive step towards a healthier lifestyle! So, what to do next? Keep going! As part of the programme, you will still receive ongoing support for a further three months by attending our monthly Peer Group sessions. This continued support is to further help you in trying to keep up with the positive changes you have made or help if there have been bumps in the road. In addition to this, you will still have access to all the resources in the Wellbeing Way App for a further year! 

Where can I get app support?

Please see the Wellbeing way Help/FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) in the ‘More’ section of your Wellbeing Way app, or click on this link: 

What if my mobile number changes?

No problem, just email: and we can update it for you.

Do recipes provide nutritional information & allergen advice?

Some of our recipes have nutritional information but not all of them. We are in the process of adding allergen warnings to our recipes, but whilst we do this we would advise you to read the ingredients carefully. Please also be sure to read the ingredients and allergen labels carefully for food purchased at stores.

Do you have an accessibility statement?

Yes we do, this can be accessed here: