NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme Commitments

Your commitments to us

• To attend as many of the Healthier You sessions as you can. This gives you the best chance at reducing your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

• To let us know if you are unable to attend or if you no longer wish to continue with the programme.

• To provide a weight measurement each session to ensure you safely track your changes.

• To actively engage in all aspects of your programme. Active participation will give you the best chance of reducing your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

• To inform us of any changes to your health (including pregnancy) that may impact on your ability to take part in the programme, particularly our physical activity sessions. Although we are not clinicians, it is important that we are aware of any changes to your health and wellbeing so we can provide you with the most appropriate support.

Give us your feedback

At Xyla Health & Wellbeing, our ethos is to be person-centred; although our team try really hard to deliver the best possible service, we recognise that occasionally we may not get it right. If you are unhappy with any part of our service we would like to know so that we can resolve this with you  

Via our online form found here: 

We will always try and respond to any feedback quickly and efficiently; however if necessary we will support you through our complaints procedure. 

Our commitment to you 

• To provide you with a service designed to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by offering you a mixture of 1-1 and group sessions focusing on nutrition and physical activity.

• To equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to make healthier lifestyle changes at each session.

• To support you to set goals which are specific to your health with our team of trained health & wellbeing coaches.

• Ongoing review of opportunities.

• To ensure we deliver an effective service which is based on the latest evidence and responsive to your needs.

• To keep any information you share with us secure and only ever share it when updating your GP of your progress or to our programme commissioners (NHS England) for reporting and evaluation purposes. If you opt out of the evaluation, your report details will be reported anonymously.