Frequently asked questions

Is this plan safe for me to follow?

Yes, this programme is safe to follow and is supported by research and experience. During the programme, your health and your medications will be monitored by your medical team. Your coaches will be working closely with you, and your medical team, to provide support and guidance along the way.
There are strict medical criteria that you must meet in order to participate in this programme. There are some medical conditions that might mean you are not able to take part; however, this is something you will be screened for before getting started. If there is any cause for concern, or any changes to your health, please update your coach or your GP as soon as possible.

What will I be eating on this plan?

During this programme, you will be following a ‘Low Carbohydrate Diet’, consisting of 50-130g of carbohydrate per day. It is important for anyone who is following a low carbohydrate diet to have support from health care professionals. This is to ensure that your diet provides a healthy balance, is enjoyable and is tailored to your cultural and personal preferences.

Will I achieve remission from type 2 diabetes by joining this programme?

There is research to suggest that you may achieve remission with a low carbohydrate diet. Research suggests that remission of type 2 diabetes is more likely with total replacement, but we know that this is not suitable for everyone. Reducing or maintaining a healthy weight can have health benefits including fewer medications, improved blood glucose levels and reduced risk of complications.

What about supplements, should I be taking them whilst on this plan?

If you have been prescribed supplements, we recommend that you follow the advice of your GP.

Could I experience any side effects whilst on the low carbohydrate diet?

It is important to be aware that you may be at an increased risk of experiencing high (hypers) or lows (hypos) if you are on certain medications for diabetes whilst following a low carbohydrate diet. We recommend that you monitor your blood glucose levels as per guidance and discuss this with your medical team. This guidance is found in your PAP.

What if my mobile number changes?

No problem, just email: and we can update it for you.

Do recipes provide nutritional information & allergen advice?

Some of our recipes have nutritional information but not all of them. We are in the process of adding allergen warnings to our recipes, but whilst we do this we would advise you to read the ingredients carefully. Please also be sure to read the ingredients and allergen labels carefully for food purchased at stores.

Do you have an accessibility statement?

Yes we do, this can be accessed here: