Module Summary 4 – Creating healthy habits

Creating healthy habits

A habit is the usual way you behave and generally something you will do regularly and repeatedly.

Your habits will be influenced by:

  • Thoughts – the commentary or inner voice we have in our heads all of the time 
  • Emotional triggers – how thoughts and habits make us feel 
  • Environmental triggers – how things that are around us make us behave, think or feel 
  • It can be challenging to change habits, but the end result is a healthier way of life that comes naturally to you. 

Try these tips for success: 

  • Be consistent – this is the only way a new habit will begin to establish itself
  • Reward yourself for making progress with your helpful habits
  • Replace a habit with something else – don’t just leave a void
  • Give yourself time

Your lifestyle and behaviour is influenced by your ‘environment’, or the things around you. Use techniques like placing visual guides and reminders in your space to help make your environment work for you.