Module Summary 11 – Healthy mind, healthy life

Healthy mind, healthy life

One way you can manage stress is to always be prepared with an ‘if-then’ solution e.g. “I’ll take my umbrella along, so if it rains, then I’ll stay dry and can continue my walk”. 

In mindfulness, the aim is to take a moment to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings without judgement. 

Mindfulness is:

  • A way to improve your awareness of the present moment
  • A way of slowing things down through the awareness of all the senses  
  • A skill that allows you to recognise your own thoughts and feelings better 
  • A concept that improves your ability to acknowledge things as they are 

Noticing your 5 senses is a key part of mindfulness: 

What can you see?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you taste?

Are you touching anything? What does it feel like?

Getting good sleep can help you manage your stress.